PowerHost helps you to drive revenue by making your PD Vision a reality! Take a Strategic Approach to your Player Development program! PowerHost is a Host CRM built specifically for Casino Host teams, available on a mobile device, tablet or desktop PC. PowerHost

Patron Trends

Patron Trends helps you to drive down your marketing expense by highlighting over-investment, and to increase the top-line via accurate segmentation and driving more trips. We combine all of the data from your casino management system, point of sale, and hotel system etc.

Immediate Reporting

  Are you flying blind because reports arrive too late? You can’t wait weeks for the post-analysis. You need to know today, so you can adjust your criteria before the next campaign! You need information at your finger-tips each day.

Secure Cloud

We are on the internet, or ‘in the cloud’ as they say, and so you are not buying any new hardware or software. Everything is moving to the secure cloud! It is cheaper for you; you pay a monthly service

Custom Analytics

Think of Harvest Trends as an extension of your Analytics team; and with some really cool Oracle technology that goes way beyond MS Excel, MS Access and SQL queries! We are a custom service and we react to your needs.


You are a busy professional. Constantly on the move between meetings, criss-crossing the casino floor, and traveling between locations. We daresay you work from home as well! You need access to your information at all times, in all kinds of ways.

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Ask for an overnight packet with information and pricing, or a 30 minute demo! Reach our Customer Relationship Manager, Paul, at 877-277-5661 ext 112 or email pcutler@harvesttrends.com.

This is Working!

“I have been very excited to see the Harvest Trends Team, the PowerHost System, and our Player Development Team, acclimate and evolve together in a way that greatly increases energy, efficiency and productivity.”

Joe DV. Director, Player Development

This is Exciting!

"This is a very exciting time for me, I enjoy going to work every day and looking at my daily action plan to see what is happening with my players and hosts."

Curtis P. Director, Player Development

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