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Database Manager?

My team manages the Player Database.

We analzye the trends, pull all the lists for Events and Promotions, handle the pro-forma and post-formas, manage other vendors, send out the Direct Mail. And more!

We are always busy.

When Player Development decided to implement PowerHost, we created daily extracts for ratings, name and address, comps, and host codings. As long as the data files were in CSV format, it didn't matter how we laid out the columns. Harvest Trends gave us sample files and detailed manual but we could provide the data however we wanted.

The data is extracted each day and loaded securely to Harvest Trends. They helped us to automate this daily upload so it runs on its own.

At the end of each Month and Quarter, we receive an audit trail of all the host codings and results, so that we can do our own audit on the Host Goals. And we no longer have to pull lists for the Hosts!

Each month, we upload a list of offers sent to valuable Inactive players, and the Hosts automatically get a Task to call those players and encourage them to use these offers. This helps to boost redemption rates.

Harvest Trends has some other solutions that help our team:

Patron Trends

  • Segmentation and preparation of Mail Files
  • Redemption Analysis for Promotions and the Event Guide
  • Poker reporting including for Poker Tournaments
  • Monthly Management reports of Club Trends including charts and graphs

Contact Paul Cutler at 561.860.2621 or pcutler@harvesttrends.com.