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A Day In The Life Of A Casino Host

Hi! I am Ann Whitehouse, Executive Host!

How do I keep track of 320 coded players?

PowerHost recommends who to call, and why.

I can quickly captures notes, preferences, and tasks.

And I can see my pace to Goals every day and not at the end of the Quarter!

PowerHost even puts my players into Classifications so I know who to call to meet my Goals!

First, I want to know who has been on property in my absence so I click on Yesterdays Results.

I had a good day! $22K in Theo and only 12% in reinvestment!

Who were my top wins and losses? I will call Carol because she lost $29,500 and I will call John and congratulate him on winning $2,500.

I just click on their names, click Add Task, and PowerHost will remind me later. Throughout the day, I can easily see how many Tasks I need to complete.

Are there any fires to put out? Do I have any new tasks?

Yes! My fellow host, Sam, has given me two tasks to follow up on, and my Boss wants me to invite Joan to the tournament next week. But there are no tasks overdue!

Where do I stand against my goals? My goals are updated every day so I always know exactly where I stand. And I am behind on the first goal!

I need to focus on Active Player with high Theo and get them on property! But who are they? I simply click on Classifications and I can see all my players 'sliced and diced' in useful ways. This saves me the time of looking through multiple reports. (We worked with our PD Manager to decide which Classifications were useful to us)

I click on 'Valuable Active Players that Have Not yet played' and I can see the list.

I click on the four Players that seem to be my best chance for success and I create a Task to call each one. Great! I am on top of my Goals.

Now I have 9 Tasks that are due today. I will start working on My Assignments before I go down to the Floor.

My first task is to call Carol and touch base because she lost $29,500 yesterday.

I click on her Account Number and see her Profile before I call. I can see her Gaming History, Recent Comps, Upcoming Offers, Preferences, Tasks, Notes and more.

I click on Recent Contact to see if anyone has spoken recently with Carol? And I see that Carol called me yesterday. Sam answered and agreed to arrange a Hotel Suite for this weekend but he hasn''t done that yet. I'm glad I know before I call! I call Carol and leave a voicemail.

I leave my Task undone so PowerHost will remind me to try again. But I add a Touch to Carol's'records because this counts towards my goal of contacting all my players once a month.

The office phone rings. It is Aaron from Boston, looking for Sam. I quickly find Aaron!

He must be Aaron Jones. The incoming-number matches as well.

I can see there is a Task so I click on it. Oh no! Sam has an overdue task to get Aaron into the Slot Tournament. I bet that's' why he's calling!

I can take care of Aaron, close Sam's task, and get credit for that with the PD Manager.

I am going to give Sam a hard time though! He owes me!

Aaron mentions that he likes to play the Tuesday Tournaments so I add that to his Preferences.

It's nearly time to go and walk the Casino Floor but first I'll check for any upcoming Birthdays. One birthday today! I will call Harry as I walk down to the Casino and wish him well.

And as I greet guests on-property, I will quickly make a Note, Task or Touch using my phone.

PowerHost helps me to manage my day, and stay on Pace to my goals!

And I get credit for everything that I do, because the PD Manager has visibility into all of us, including Sam!

Why not download this Day In The Life, as a pdf, and share it with others?

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