PowerHost CRM helps you to drive revenue by making your PD Vision a reality! Take a Strategic Approach to your Player Development program!

PowerHost CRM is a casino CRM built specifically for Casino Host teams, available on a mobile device, tablet or desktop PC.

Don’t waste money on customizing Salesforce or Microsoft CRM for gaming.

PowerHost CRM was selected by Casino Journal as one of the Top 20 Innovative Gaming Products!

Take a Strategic Approach!

Increase Productivity

Identify Potential

Drive Revenue

Manage Goals

And so much more!

With a generic CRM, you will spend money customizing for our Gaming Industry. And with some vendors, you are locked in for many years! Click here to compare generic CRM with PowerHost.

With the PowerHost Family, you can start with PowerHost casino CRM and then grow into a more sophisticated approach to Player Development. PowerHost CRM has contacts, tasks, guest profile, preferences and all the features you can buy in a generic contact management solution; AND it is already customized for gaming. You can start at $50 per user per month. Read more about PowerHost CRM.

As you grow your Player Development program, or if you already have a robust team, you can upgrade!

PowerHost Play – if you add daily ratings and information about all Club Members, you can profile guests based on their worth, recency, and frequency. Read more about PowerHost Play

PlayerHost Goals – eventually you will take a strategic approach to Player Development, and write Goals for the PD team to grow Theo from Active players, re-active Inactive players, and acquire New players, and more. Read more about PowerHost Goals

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