With PowerHost CRM (customer relationship management) your team can track their Coded Players with contacts, notes, preferences, and more.

Our CRM was built for gaming people by gaming people. You don’t have to pay to ‘customize’ our Host CRM for gaming. Click here to compare generic CRM with PowerHost.

And you can grow from PowerHost CRM into PowerHost Play and PowerHost Goals. You cannot do that with any  generic solution.

This is why PowerHost was selected by Casino Journal as one of the Top 20 Innovative Gaming Products for 2015 and 2011!

  • Easy to use.
  • Available on a mobile device, tablet or desktop PC.
  • Compatible with all Player Tracking Systems
  • (Patron IGT, Bally CMP, OASIS, Konami etc.)
  • No extra cost to customize a generic solution for gaming!
  • PowerHost is built for our industry.

Key Benefits

Your Hosts or Player Club team members are prompted to call players and get them back in. The increased customer loyalty and trips will easily pay back the $55 per month.

Management receives a weekly Contact Report and can see the activity. No more questions about whether the Host(s) are contacting the right players.

Your casino builds up a store of knowledge about each Coded player with their likes, dislikes, and contact history. If a Host moves on, then you don’t lose that wealth of information.

Key Features?

  • Record contacts
  • Customize contacts for your Property
  • (Called Guest, Booked Room, Met Guest etc)
  • Take notes
  • Record guest preferences
  • Customize guest preferences for your Property
  • Create Tasks for self and for others on the team
  • Advance warning of Birthdays
  • See the contact history for each coded player


The Host does not waste time checking a printed list. PowerHost makes daily recommendations to call players that have not been contacted for ‘a while’. Whatever ‘a while’ means to you!

Management receives a weekly Contact Report with number of contacts, type of contact (e.g. phone vs text vs letter) and the percentage of Coded Players that have been touched by week, by month, by quarter etc.

Management is alerted if the team is not contacting all the Coded Players and just a small regular friendly group of players.


PowerHost CRM is just $50 per user per month, with no long-term commitment, unlike some other vendors out there.

(More than 5 users? Talk to us about the right pricing model for you.)

There is a one-time set-up fee of $1K.

How Do You Get Started?

  1. Contact Paul Cutler at pcutler@harvesttrends.com or 877-277-5661 ext 112 .
  2. Watch a 30 minute demo.
  3. Sign a contract.
  4. Provide the name, email address, and Host ID of each user.
  5. Load a list of Coded Players for each Host**
  6. You are up and running!
  7. We provide training on the product via a webinar.
  8. You can reload the list of Coded Players at any time.
  9. Start to receive a weekly Contact Report each week, on the day of your choice.

As You Grow

As you grow your Player Development program, or if you already have a robust team, you can upgrade to the following:

PowerHost Play – add daily ratings and information about all Club Members and then you can profile guests based on their worth, recency, and frequency. Read more…



PlayerHost Goals – take a strategic approach to Player Development, and write Goals for the PD team to grow Theo from Active players, re-active Inactive players, and acquire New players, and more. Read more…



Give us a call!

Ask for an overnight packet with information and pricing, or a 30 minute demo!

Reach our Customer Relationship Manager, Paul, at 877-277-5661 ext 112

Or email pcutler@harvesttrends.com

You have read all about PowerHost CRM so now click to read about PowerHost Play!