PowerHost Goals includes all the features of PowerHost CRM (contacts, notes, preferences) and PowerHost Play (profiling valuable players using ratings).

Plus you can write Host Goals and take a strategic approach to Player Development!

Download and read this short White Paper; an Introduction to Host Goals.

PowerHost Goals takes all the pain out of managing Host Goals!

Key Benefits

Management decides the goals and then sits back and watches PowerHost Goals run the PD program!

Hosts know exactly where they stand, each day, and who to call.

Management is alerted if a Host is falling behind, and can coach the Host to success.

At the end of the Quarter, the Audit team receives a detailed report on which Hosts should receive a bonus and why.


Key Features

  • PowerHost can be configured with all kinds of Goals.
  • At the start of each quarter, PowerHost scans the Club and finds all players that meet the criteria for Active, Inactive, Acquisition etc. There is no need for the PD  Manager to pull lists!
  • PowerHost displays the ‘host coding’ in the Player Tracking System but can also create ‘soft’ codings between players and Hosts for that quarter.
  • Each day, based on ratings, PowerHost will update pace to goal.

  • The Hosts receive a Daily Action Plan that focuses them on the players of interest.
  • Managers receive daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly reports.
  • At the end of the Quarter, PowerHost generates an audit file for the audit team, to justify the bonus payments.
  • Managers can load lists for Events or Promotions, and PowerHost will task the Hosts to call their players, and notify the Manager of results.
  • Hosts see their players grouped into Classifications; profiles based on worth, frequency and recency. See the PowerHost Play solution which is included in PlayerHost Goals.
  • Host CRM features (Notes, Preferences, Tasks, Contacts)

If this is more than you are looking for right now, then take a look at PowerHost CRM.


PowerHost Goals is an add-on to PowerHost Play  PowerHost Goals is an additional fee per month for unlimited users, depending on your systems.

With the right strategic approach to acquiring, retaining, and re-activating your VIPs, you can make money from PowerHost Goals.

You will be assigned an Account Manager to work with you on monitoring your Host Goals over time, as you refine your Player Development strategy.

How Do You Get Started?

  1. Contact Paul Cutler at pcutler@harvesttrends.com or 877-277-5661 ext 112 .
  2. Watch a 30 minute demo.
  3. Sign a contract.
  4. Work with your IT department, or our consultant, to extract Ratings and People details from your Player Tracking System.
  5. Consult with your Account Manager on what kinds of goals you want to implement.
  6. You are up and running!
  7. We train your users on how to use the product, via individual webinars.
  8. You can change the Goals every quarter free of charge.

Are you ready to write Goals for the PD team to grow Theo from Active players, re-active Inactive players, and acquire New valuable players?

Read this short White Paper that is an Introduction to Host Goals. You can download the .pdf and share it with your GM and peers, to introduce them to this new strategic approach.

You can also order our book, Casino Host Goals: a Strategic Approach to Player Development , from Amazon for $21.

Take a serious look at PowerHost CRM.

Any other approach will lock you into expensive customization for gaming.

PowerHost is built for your needs today and as you grow!

You have read just about everything!

Ask Paul for an overnight packet with information and pricing, or a 30 minute demo!

Reach our Customer Relationship Manager, Paul, at 877-277-5661 ext 112

Or email pcutler@harvesttrends.com

Or Link In with Paul at https://www.linkedin.com/in/paul-cutler-42855b157/