PowerHost Play includes all the features of PowerHost CRM (customer relationship management) to track contacts, notes, preferences, and more.

But PowerHost Play goes beyond basic CRM because it processes daily ratings and information about all Club Members. You cannot do this with a generic solution like SalesForce without spending money on customization.

Key Benefits

With information about ratings, PowerHost can drive revenue:

Your team is alerted to valuable players who have not played recently. They can reach out and find out why the player is declining and get them back on Property.

PowerHost will identify valuable new players and give a Task to a Host to reach out and welcome them to the Club. Your PD team can establish a personal relationship with new players and secure their loyalty.

Your team can track interactions with all Club Members and ‘mine’ the players for valuable un-coded players who should be groomed.

And Management will save time with automated reporting on the revenue from coded Players!

  • A daily Pace report with same day, same day on week, same day on year comparisons.
  • Weekly, monthly, and quarterly reporting of Actual, Theo, Trips etc. by Host and by Market.
  • Comparison of growth in revenue from Coded and Un-Coded play to measure the impact of having a PD team.


PowerHost Play is $1000 to $3000 per month depending on the size of your Property. The first month is double.

With your team focused on who is not here but should be, you can make money from PowerHost Play.

How Do You Get Started?

  1. Contact Paul Cutler at pcutler@harvesttrends.com or 877-277-5661 ext 112 .
  2. Watch a 30 minute demo.
  3. Sign a contract.
  4. Provide the name, email address, and Host ID of each user.
  5. Work with your IT department, or our consultant, to extract Ratings and People details from your Player Tracking System.
  6. You are up and running!
  7. We will train you and your team on PowerHost via a webinar for free. And we will train any new user via a webinar.


Get In Touch!

Ask for an overnight packet with information and pricing, or a 30 minute demo!

Reach our Customer Relationship Manager, Paul, at 877-277-5661 ext 112

Or email pcutler@harvesttrends.com


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