Think of Harvest Trends as an extension of your Analytics team; and with some really cool Oracle technology that goes way beyond MS Excel, MS Access and SQL queries!

We are a custom service and we react to your needs. Your Account Manager will talk to you regularly about your programs, and provide you with custom information and tools that can power your strategy.

That’s why you pay a monthly service charge from your department’s expense budget, and you don’t have to fight for a large spend from the capital budget. We are on the internet, or ‘in the cloud‘ as they say, and so you are not buying any new hardware or software.

We want to help you pinpoint those opportunities to increase the top-line, and reduce expense within your Marketing budget.

Let’s look at some of the ways we’ve customized for other casinos:

  • Custom goals for your hosts, and for your teams of hosts. We can find the players who meet your criteria for Inactive and Acquisition, code them to your Hosts inside PowerHost, set your goals, and then tell the Hosts where they stand each and every day.
  • Custom experiments with A/B testing to try out your theories. You receive daily response rates as soon as the campaign starts, so you can adjust your criteria before the next Mailer.
  • Custom acquisition programs where we watch New Players for 7 days and only assign them to a Host if they meet a minimum ADT all week, or hit a minimum Theo on one particular day.
  • Custom mail programs such as looking for infrequent players with a 2+ hour drive time and sending them one larger offer each Quarter instead of sending them 4 small offers that they won’t use. And when they do show up and play, we drop them into the Monthly Mailer as a bounce-back. Quarterly mailers can slash your postage.

The only limit is your imagination! We have powerful Oracle technology and the ability to make it dance for you.