You are a busy professional. Constantly on the move between meetings, criss-crossing the casino floor, and traveling between locations. We daresay you work from home as well! You need access to your information at all times, in all kinds of ways.

For example, with Patron Trends, you have access to interactive dashboards from your desktop. And you can download a free Oracle app for the iPhone and iPad and interrogate your data in meetings. You can flip through and ask questions like ‘How many visitors last month with an ADT 300+?”

With PowerHost, your casino hosts can easily take notes, log contacts, and see preferences while they are on the casino floor, using their phone or tablet.

When they are back at their desk, they can use a PC to search for guests that they have not contacted for 30 days, and reach out to them. If your PBX integrates via the browser then they can even click on the number and place an out-going call.

And we know from experience that busy managers want the appropriate information sent to them on a regular basis; they don’t want to have to sign into dashboards to get routine information.

For free, we configure custom reports that are automatically emailed to your management team on a daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly basis. You can even copy our attractive charts and trend lines and drop them into your own reports!

Finally, if you are a SQL guru, then you can have access to your ‘data warehouse in the cloud’ and interrogate the tables. You can even use the simple Oracle Business Intelligence tools to make your own visualizations, and automate them for delivery via email.