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About Us

Harvest Trends grew from our gaming experience.

We set out to make it easier for savvy casino marketers to get the answers to their questions in a timely and painless manner.

Instead of:
  • Distracting the database team
  • Waiting until the 15th for last month's numbers
  • Badgering your IT people, or
  • Wondering if your promotion is profitable

...Let us help you! Just as we have helped Curtis...

"This is a very exciting time for me, I enjoy going to work every day and looking at my daily action plan to see what is happening with my players and hosts."
Curtis P. - Player Development Manager

Curtis has implemented a rolling 90 day acquisition program with great success. Each day, Curtis allocates high potential guests to individual hosts who have 90 days to qualify the player. Because he is alerted to the status of a player who is not pacing sufficiently, Curtis can coach the host or reassign the player before they are lost.

We are happy to have such great customers and we would love to help you!

Contact Paul Cutler at 561.860.2621 or pcutler@harvesttrends.com


Jackie Parker, President and Founder

Jackie has 12+ years in the gaming industry, including consulting to Caesars Entertainment, and 30+ years in IT including at HP, Lucent, and Oracle Corporation.

Colleen Cutler, Board Member and Founder

Colleen has 25+ years of experience in the gaming industry. Colleen worked for Harrah's Corporate Office overseeing the development of the Casino Management System (CMS) and was Executive Director of Client Services at LSI ensuring the successful implementation of the LSI CMS at 54 casinos

Susan Kesel, Founder

Susan has 25+ years in the gaming industry working across mainstream and tribal gaming. An Alumnus of the Board of Advisors for TribalNet and for Gaming & Leisure Magazine, Susan was instrumental in the development and implementation of Turning Stone Resort and Casino's patented Account Based Wagering System.