Here are Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) from the IT Department at the Casino Resort. Please share the link to this webpage with your IT Department.

Is there a mobile app? What platforms do you support?

PowerHost is written in HTML5 and has a simpler Mobile user interface (UI) for a phone or tablet. There is no software or data on the device; everything is done via a web browser.

What software is installed on-site?

There is no software installed at the Casino Resort. PowerHost and Patron Trends are in the cloud. The data is in the cloud.

Where are you hosted? Describe your security model.

Your data is not hosted at Harvest Trends! We are hosted at Oracle Corporation so you have the highest levels of physical and network security. Here is a comprehensive security white paper from Oracle as a pdf for you to download.

Your users will access Patron Trends and PowerHost via SSL so the data is encrypted as it accessed via the browser.

Here is the Harvest Trends Security Policy as a pdf for you to download

Describe the approach to User Security

Your IT department will have access to the PowerHost Administration screens to add/change/delete user access. This administrative access will not enable the IT users to access player information.

Passwords have to meet standards and have to be renewed.

What is the cost of maintenance, support and training?

There is no additional cost for maintenance, support, and training. We train existing, and new, users via 15 minute webinar.

What are your support hours?

Any user can submit a problem ticket by sending an email. We use the Zendesk problem tracking system. Zendesk is monitored 7 days per week because Player Development and Casino Marketing work late and on the weekends.

We assign an Account Manager to meet regularly with the business leader to constantly reconfigure the business rules to meet their changing needs.

Which Player Tracking Systems do you work with?

We take data from any player tracking system: IGT Patron, Konami, Oasis, Bally CMP etc. With IGT Patron, for example, we know that we will need a Change, Delete, Add and Modify approach to ratings as they change over time.

How is Data Moved to the Cloud?

There needs to be a job that runs each morning (at the close of the gaming day) and uses SQL queries to extract data.

There are two different approaches to moving the data to the Cloud:


The data in the Cloud is stored in an Oracle database. You can write logic that connects to staging tables in the Oracle database and securely transfers the data via an ODBC connection.


Or, the daily job can extract the data into CSV format (or fixed-width text files) and securely upload them to a repository at (Sharefile is a secure repository from Citrix) We will provide information about the Sharefile API, and we have a free utility if you are on a MS Windows platform.

In either case, we can provide a Consultant to assist with the SQL extraction and/or automating the upload.

What data do you need?

We have a manual that provides details. We will email this manual after there has been an initial demo to the business.

But here is a summary!

For PowerHost CRM, we just need the list of coded players with their name/phone/email etc. And a list of accounts coded to each Host. This will not be a daily upload and can probably be handled manually by the Player Development Manager.

For PowerHost Play and PowerHost Goals, we will need an automated daily upload of these files:

People – a list of all new Club Members and all historical Club Members that meet a minimum ADT over the last few years.

Ratings – the summary ratings from the previous day

Codings – the list of accounts coded to each Host

In addition, there may be a business need to send over Comps, Offers, Hotel information, POS (Point of Sale) information. Especially if the business wants to use Patron Trends for profitability analysis.

Again, we have a detailed Data Manual that we can share after the initial demo. And we can provide a consultant, for an additional fee, to help with the SQL data extraction and/or automating the secure upload.

Please email additional questions to our
Customer Relations Manager, Paul Cutler

Paul will get the answer for you!