Congratulations on deciding to adopt a Strategic Approach to Player Development!

Your team members will learn new skills, the Executive Team will have a consistent expectation of the team, and your goal program is sure to drive a higher rate of Trip and Theo from these hosted-players!

As you move forward on your journey, please remember these key principles:

  • We set goals, so the PD Team members are crystal clear on their priorities and how to allocate their time.
  • We want the PD team to meet and exceed their goals because if the goals are correctly written then the Property will benefit.
  • We will do everything we can to help the PD Team including daily Pace and Classification reports, and a Casino CRM
If you cannot get the PD Team these tools, then don’t move forward with Host Goals.
  • We are now asking the PD team to divide their time between the players who are here playing and the players who are not here playing but should be!
  • We recognize that this a big change for the PD Team. They may need coaching from Management, or onsite training, on how to plan their time and focus on the right guests.
  • We also recognize that just because someone is good face-to-face with a known and familiar player, it does not mean they have the skills to place a successful phone call to an unknown, unfamiliar player. We may have to invest in onsite training with role play.
  • We will not overwhelm the team by implementing lots of goals from the start. We will run the program for two Quarters and let the PD Team adjust and then we will add more goals.
  • We won’t implement a bonus scheme until we have run the program long enough to make sure that the Goals are set where they are achievable but not easy. Just like Goldilocks, we want the Goals to be ‘just right’.
  • We will include Team Goals, so Hosts are given credit when they help guests who are coded to another Host, and that Host is unavailable. This improves overall guest satisfaction.
  • As Managers, we will play our part by monitoring weekly progress, and intervening with coaching as soon as we see a member of the PD Team fall behind.

Remember these principles as you implement a framework that enables the PD Team to correctly spread their time and energy across the range of challenges.