The Strategic Host

This book is written for new Casino Hosts to explore the depth and breadth of your role, and for experienced Casino Hosts to take your game to the next level and prepare for the future. If you are a manager, this book may express ideas that you take for granted, and that you can use in coaching your team.

This book includes advice from Hosts, Player Development Executives, and Management. They have shared their ideas generously because they have a passion for this profession!

H – Happy to Help
O – Organized
S – Strategic
T – Thoughtful

In Happy to Help, we explore what it means to Help the guest while meeting the financial demands of the Casino. And we explore the need to be Happy to Help because you will burn out if you don’t have a genuine passion for the role.

In Organized, we talk about techniques to manage your day because the role of being a Host is so detail oriented and demanding.

In Strategic, we describe how the organized Host will take pro-active steps to meet their Goals, also referred to as KPI’s.

In Thoughtful, we talk both about how to be thoughtful with your guests, which means using your Emotional Intelligence, but also being thoughtful about your role and how to stay out of trouble.

In the Final Chapter, we discuss how to plan for your next career move. You might want to stay as a Host, move into Management, or build out your personal guest list and brand yourself as a Player Development Executive.

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Casino Host Goals

A structured approach to Player Development. 

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Read this book and you will have a road-map for success as you create or improve your Player Development program. It belongs on the shelf of any Casino Executive who wants to drive revenue from a structured approach to PD.

Why set goals?

As managers, we set goals so that employees are crystal clear on their priorities and how to allocate their time. Without clear goals, Hosts face a daily dilemma of how to divide their time between reacting to who is here, and reaching out to who is not here.

This book is based on our 9 years of experience of helping Player Development managers use our solution, PowerHost, to implement Casino Host Goals.

The gaming industry has become extremely competitive. The Player Development (PD) team must balance reactive customer service skills with proactive sales skills; and setting Host Goals is the way to drive this behavior.

  • Attract and retain new valuable players,
  • Maintain and grow existing players, and
  • Re-activate players that have disappeared or declined.

For your Player Development team to drive revenue, you have to set the targets and provide all of the tools and techniques that will ensure success. This book is written from experience, and you will benefit from the hits and misses of your peers!

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How to Become a Casino Host

The role of Casino Host is fast-paced and very challenging. If you are a life-loving, upbeat, people-loving, go-getting, glass-half-full person, then you are going to go a long way in Player Development and that can lead you all over the Country if not the World.

If you want to become a Casino Host then buy this booklet before you apply. The booklet explains the job, shows you how to refine your resume, and prepare you for the interview, by explaining lots of the interview questions.

You don’t have to work in a Casino to apply to be a Host but you do need experience in customer-service. This booklet will show you how to relate, and explain, your existing experience in a relevant way.

Invest in your future and buy this booklet to help you to prepare to Ace the interview.