Patron Trends helps you to drive down your marketing expense by highlighting over-investment, and to increase the top-line via accurate segmentation and driving more trips.

We combine all of the data from your casino management system, point of sale, and hotel system etc. We can even match players across your Properties and show you the total value of the player.

Understand your Database and Profitability

  • Monthly Management reports of Club Trends including charts and graphs
  • Analysis by market and club level
  • Daily flash and reports via email to unlimited number of users
  • Month on Month, and Quarter on Quarter, analysis for the GM

Quickly generate Mail Files

  • Segmentation and offers to your changing criteria
  • Accurate and fast preparation of Mailhouse Files
  • A/B testing setup & analysis

Learn the results quickly and have time to change your strategy

  • Promotional analysis the very next day
  • Pro- and Post-forma on an immediate basis
  • Immediate Redemption Analysis for the Event Guide
  • Poker reporting including for Poker Tournaments

Patron Trends can help guide your analytics for a successful direct mail strategy, allowing marketers to quickly determine what changes need to be made to make marketing programs more profitable.