PowerHost helps your Player Development Team to meet and exceed their goals; by proactively reaching out to the right guests. PowerHost is a contact management system built specifically for Casino Host teams, available on a mobile device, tablet or computer.

Identify Potential

  • Classify players in your chosen way
  • Code players in new and different ways
  • Maintain a rotating pool of players with potential
  • Assign valuable new players to each Host, each Day

Manage Goals

  • Create all types of goals
  • (Grow Theo, Control expense, Contact # players etc)
  • Set goals for any time period
  • Measure pace to Goal each day

Increase Productivity

  • Track whether Hosts are contacting players
  • Assign tasks to Hosts in bulk. E.g. from a mail file
  • Monitor whether Hosts are closing tasks.

And so much more.