We are on the internet, or ‘in the cloud’ as they say, and so you are not buying any new hardware or software.

Everything is moving to the secure cloud!

It is cheaper for you; you pay a monthly service fee to Harvest Trends and you get access to some really cool technology. Instead of having to fight for a slice of the Capital budget to buy software, hardware and add experts to your IT department, you just earmark the monthly service fee from your Department’s expense budget. (And we will work hard to make you money from that investment!)

And it is secure. Each morning, at the end of the gaming day, your ratings and expense information will be safely transferred to a secure data center at Oracle Corporation. Your data is not going to Harvest Trends, it is safely stored at Oracle. The same place that probably has your bank account, 401K, health records, and more.

We are fast to implement, and won’t be a large burden on your IT team. They just have to write the queries to extract the data, and then add automation to transfer the data every day in a secure fashion. We can recommend a consultant if your IT team does not have the time or expertise.

Finally, it is always up to date and improving! Oracle is a large enough company to invest in all of the changes to all of the browsers so you will always have the best

Are you an IT guru? Take a look at this security whitepaper from Oracle which will re-assure your Gaming Authority. You can use a secure connection to transfer data with your preferred technique including ODBC or secure FTP. And just contact us to get the Harvest Trends security policy as well. We have a data manual that tells you exactly what elements we need to succeed.