Are you flying blind because reports arrive too late? You can’t wait weeks for the post-analysis. You need to know today, so you can adjust your criteria before the next campaign! You need information at your finger-tips each day.

We make it easy for savvy casino marketers to get answers immediately.

We provide all kinds of daily reporting, including:

  • Immediate reporting on yesterday’s promotions and offer redemption!
  • Daily recommendations to your Hosts on whom to call and why!

We are not selling expensive software; you pay a monthly fee, starting at $3K per month.

How do you save money from investing in us?

  • Cut your expenses by fine-tuning offers.
  • Experiment with A/B testing.
  • Drive more trips from Player Development.
  • Combine your monthly mailer, new player program, and birthday offers, into one mail file.

And we are not going to claim we know your Market better than you do, as some companies will!

It is your job to set the strategy and it is our job to help you succeed. That’s why our motto is “Power Your Marketing Strategy” with the emphasis on your.

Take a look at Patron Trends for database analysis, and PowerHost for Host goals and contacts:

  • Find out the next day if your Promotion was successful.
  • Set goals for your Hosts and see the results daily.
  • Pull the Mailhouse files in a few hours not a week.
  • See the redemption rates on your Monthly Mailer in time to change the criteria and offers for next month!

Start with our extensive set of reports and analysis, and then work with us to create custom solutions to support your program!